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Simply Giving®

Simply Giving® is an automated giving program designed to help you conveniently and consistently contribute to a Lutheran congregation or institution or to pay tuition at a Lutheran school. Through Simply Giving®, your gifts or tuition payments are made through a pre-authorized withdrawal from your bank account or credit card. You determine the frequency of your automatic gift—weekly, semi-monthly or monthly—the option is yours. Your gift or payment is deposited into the recipient's bank account on the same day it is withdrawn from your account—at no cost to you or the recipient.

Thrivent Financial for Lutherans offers Simply Giving® to further its mission of serving Lutheran congregations and institutions.

Simply Giving® benefits to you and to ...

Your congregation
Simply Giving® is a reliable, safe way to move your stewardship plan into action. It allows you to share your gifts through planned giving and activates your generosity into ongoing stewardship. Because your gift is given consistently, you won't need to play "catch-up" at year-end or worry about forgotten checkbooks or missed Sunday offerings.

But you're not the only one that benefits. Your congregation benefits from steady, more predictable revenues throughout the year, more efficient bookkeeping and greater confidence in meeting its financial commitments.

Your school
This program is also a convenient way to pay tuition at a Lutheran school. Simply Giving® provides an easy, no-cost way for the school to collect tuition, and allows the school to benefit from consistent cash flow. Your tuition payments are made to the school through a pre-authorized withdrawal from your bank account and deposited on the same day into the school's bank account.

Your favorite Lutheran institution
You can also make convenient contributions to other Lutheran institutions through the Simply Giving® program. Because of your planned giving and ongoing stewardship, the institution you support benefits from steady, more predictable revenues throughout the year. This helps the institution to better meet its financial goals and development objectives.

Enrollment Forms
For your convenience, individual congregation/school/institution enrollment forms are available here in Adobe Acrobat file format (PDF).

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To participate, first make sure the institution you wish to benefit is enrolled in Simply Giving®. Then download and complete the following form and return it to the congregation or institution that will benefit from your giving.
Simply Giving® Individual Enrollment Form (PDF, 128K)


For more information
Simply Giving® will be administered by Vanco Services, LLC, an outside vendor that Thrivent Financial for Lutherans has contracted with to provide administrative services. Call Vanco Services at (800) 675-7430. Individuals may also contact the institution benefiting from their giving. Your financial representative with Thrivent Financial also may be able to answer your questions.

You may also find more information in our Frequently Asked Questions section.